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These are miniature cruise ships that typically carry less than 100 people and take advantage of their smaller dimensions to visit out of the way destinations. They are often expedition style cruises that feature educational interaction with the surrounding environment. Clearly the best way to see Alaskan wildlife and go where the big ships can't. The disadvantage is the cost. Most people look at that first in the brochure and quickly move on but its worth taking another look after you budget your other trips. The price that these lines quote is usually all inclusive. All meals, programs, and excursions included. For some lines that even includes alcohol. Once you pay for these trips your credit card goes on vacation too

These ships can stop when they see wildlife life and they can anchor out so you can go ashore in small craft to explore. Onboard naturalist add an educational element to your experience and the crew in general are as enthusiastic about being in Alaska as their passengers.