Recreational Vehicles 

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A great way to take in ALASKA is to drive up in an RV. You can do it in different types of vehicles depending on your prefered style. Typical motor homes are 5th wheel or class C. They are better suited for staying for the whole summer. It might take you all summer just to drive it up here and back. Its best to have this trip and its stops well planned ahead of time because you just cant park it anywhere. The advantage is you can bring all the ceature comforts of home with you. Once you get here you want to park it for a while and take in the location.

"B class" Camper vans are a great vehicle to travel in. They range from outfitted old box vans to Mercedes Benz luxury cruisers. The advantage of the "b" class is that they can go anywhere a car can. They can cover more territory and even go off road. There are a lot of logging roads that can take these vehicles just off the road just about anywhere or just pull off to the side of the road. They are meant to take everywhere and become instant basecamps where ever you end up at the end of the day.